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Unlike the cold, stark interiors of many hotels, On The House, Bed and Breakfast, New Delhi exudes the warmth of a home. Aradhna has succeeded in creating a haven filled with beautiful things that infuse her homestay with warmth and exquisiteness. She believes that a home should reflect the owner’s personality. So instead of blindly following the latest fads, she embarks on a journey to discover and interpret what her guests would really want.

All the rooms in this guest house are air-conditioned and have an individual theme and colour scheme, aesthetically created by putting together works of art that merge beautifully, creating a smooth transition from one room to the other, at the same time each room being absolutely different in concept and character.

Throughout the guest and common rooms you’ll discover many interesting knick-knacks, be it wooden figurines or puppets from South East Asia, or a collection of Indian paintings and brass idols.

While quite a few artifacts in this bed and breakfast are from all over the world, a lot of them have also been created indigenously, whether it is the ethnic colorful mirror paneling at the entrance, or an entire door made out of old sari printing blocks, or the vibrant phulkari headboard behind an antique bed. Aradhna works closely with karigars (artisans) to transform her ideas and designs into objects d’art. The ancient Warli Art on the staircase leading to the apartment was created by an artist who was specially commissioned from Warli to create it. (Warli Art is a 400 years old tribal art form that originated in a village also known by the same name in Maharashtra, Western India,).

This Guest House in South Delhi has created a niche of its own, and Aradhna and her wonderful team are continuing to do what they do best… infusing the place with a heart and soul. And of course, creating a comfort zone for their guests that keeps them coming back for more. . .

Featured in Condé Nast Traveler Magazine

"On The House" was featured in Condé Nast Traveler Magazine & has been adjudged among India"s 20 most-charming B&Bs. 

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